Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Strikingly Different Places

The edge of the Parchester marsh was an acrylic done on a 15 x 30" canvas. It took two visits. We had to park near a shooting range near the Richmond dump, and walk to the southern edge of the marsh. The biggest challenge of this painting is that the weather conditions kept changing so rapidly. The second challenge was that the sky was overcast and the lovely marsh greens and reds turned into a nondescript muddy green. But I persisted.

The other painting is a 16 x 24" acrylic on birch panel done at Dimond park in Oakland. Here I chose an entirely different palette, with three colors I never use with acrylics: burnt sienna, pthalocyanine green, and quinacridone red. On top of it all, I forgot to bring white and had to borrow a small amout. Those people on the painting stood there for a few minutes and I struggled to capture their pose quickly. I like how their faces are undefined. I also like how warm the colors look despite the cool green I used.

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