Monday, October 23, 2006

Details, Details, Details

I've been busy "inventorying" (does this word exist?) my work of the last five years. Yes, I have been lazy, I'm one of those people who don't even sign most of their work because they think they'll go back and "resolve" whatever issues later on. So, if I don't even sign my own work, coming up with a title, media, dimensions, and value feels even more troublesome. But now that I am getting ready to market my work (see how ugly that word feels?) I need to have an inventory. So I've used Excel to create a primitive list.

I've had to go back and measure my oils, and try to remember in what paper did I do those watercolors from a few years back. But that's easy, I've been in love with Lanaquarelle for some time now. I don't even have flat files! I have many portfolios where I keep my works on paper. All very confusing and not much of a system.

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